Steps To Fix Native SQL Error Code 1205


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    It seems that some of our readers have come across a well-known error message with native SQL error code 1205. This problem occurs for many reasons. We will review them now. Error 1205: Transaction (process id) is locked on resources with an added process and is selected as a deadlock victim. It’s really very simple – a transaction locks a resource and then tries to acquire another instrument’s lock, but is only blocked by one other transaction.

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    Attribute value

    Product Server Event ID 1205 Event Source MSSQLSERVER Component SQLEngine Symbolic name LK_VICTIM Message text Transaction (process id %d) has been locked on resources %.*ls targeting another process and has been identified as a deadlock victim. Restart each of our transactions.


    Resources are accessed in conflicting sets on a per-transaction basis, resulting in deadlocks. For example:

  • Transaction1 updates Table1.Row1 and transaction2 updates Updates table2.Row2.
  • Transaction1 tries to update table2. However, row 2 is locked because transaction 2 has not been committed yet.
  • Transaction2 is now trying to update Table1.Row1, but transaction1 is blocked because it is not committed.
  • A deadlock has occurred, transaction 1, because it is waiting for transaction 2 to complete, but transaction 2 is about to complete transaction 1. System
  • What is error code for deadlock?

    When it detects a deadlock, it chooses one of the transactions to pursue and sends an incredible 1205 error to the client making the connection.

    He must absolutely accurately detect this dead end and make a choice of transactions associated with it in order to become a “victim”. It will also issue this error message and reverse the transaction of the main victim. For detailed facts and methods, see Deadlocks.

    User Action

    Complete the transaction as soon as possible. You can also reconsider usage to avoid crashes. A transaction that has just been targeted as a victim is likely to be retried, and disputes over operations that should run concurrently are likely to succeed.

    To avoid or eliminate deadlocks, please note that all clauses areto the rows of the same selection (table1, then table2). On the other hand, this may lead to a deadlock, but it can be avoided.

  • 2 minutes playback
  • Also fixed error 1205: A transaction (process id) was locked on a resource processing another and was selected as a deadlock victim. Start the affected transaction again.

    A deadlock occurs when two users have locked different objects and want to lock the other user’s object at the same time. When this happens, SQL Server breaks the deadlock by quickly fetching one and killing that process while the other process continues to run. The aborted transaction is retried and the user of the entire aborted process is presented with an error message. Typically, the transaction that needs to be rolled back at the lowest cost is the transaction that was aborted.


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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click on the "Scan" button
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to fix your computer

  • Fix/Workaround/Resolution:
    Deadlock priority is user selectablelem. In other words, the customer can choose which process to stop, allowing other processes to continue. SQL Server automatically chooses which step to execute by executing the full round robin. Sometimes it selects a process that would normally run after another process for a shorter period of time.

    sql native error code 1205

    To reduce the risk of blocking:

  • Reduce transaction size and transaction time.
  • Server objects are always accessed in the same order every time in the application.
  • Avoid cursors, rings, or processes that require the user to press while working.
  • Reduce the curfew in the app.
  • Use query hints to stop locking if (NoLock, optional RowLock)
  • Select the problem victim with SET DEADLOCK_PRIORITY.
  • How do I fix SQL connection error?

    Step 1: Check if you can ping the SQL Server field.Step 2: Check if SQL services are being used.Step 3: Check if the actual SQL Server Browser service has moved.Step 4: Make sure you are using the correct SQL Server instance name.

    SQL SERVER 2005 also has a new HIGH priority as a numeric priority.

    SQL SERVER 2005 Syntax
    ::= ten
    The following example sets each deadlock priority to NORMAL.
    Citation: Dave Pinal (

    Was deadlocked on lock resources?

    Error “Transaction blocked” appears Occurs when two or more sessions are likely waiting to attach a lock to a resource that has already been released by another session on a particular block chain. Therefore, it is likely that none of the sessions can be started, and SQL Server intervention will be required to resolve this issue.

    Fixed: 1205 Management: transaction (process id) was locked on resources by another process and supplies were selected as locked animals. Start the transaction again.

    How do I fix error 1205?

    To resolve conflicts when two transactions or a very large number are written to a duplicate row (in the same order), design indexes on reorderable columns.You can reduce the lock_wait_timeout to get out of the dilemma blocked by the main lock faster.

    A deadlock occurs when some users have locks on separate real physical objects and each user wants a network on a different object. When this happens, SQL Server corrects the problem by automatically selecting one strategy to cancel the approval process and continuing with another strategy. The aborted transaction is actually rolled back and an error message is sent to the user of the aborted process. Typically, the canceled offer is the one that requires the least amount of effort to get back.

    The deadlock priority can be set automatically by the user. In other words, the user can choose which stop toexercises to complete in order to continue other work. SQL Server automatically decides to kill the process, allowing the full ring chain created by the lock to run. After all, it chooses a task to run in a shorter amount of time than the other process.

    To avoid deadlock:

  • Reduce the size of certain transactions and delays.
  • Always refer to server objects in the same order in the application.
  • Also avoid cursors, loops, or processes that must be entered by the user at runtime.
  • Reduce app lock time.
  • Use query rules to prevent blocking if (NoLock, Possibilities RowLock)
  • Select deadlock victim with SET DEADLOCK_PRIORITY.
  • sql native error code 1205

    SQL SERVER 2005 has a new HIGH target and numeric priority as.

    SQL SERVER 2005 syntax
    SET DEADLOCK_PRIORITY @deadlock_var
    ::= -8 …
    The following example sets the deadlock priority to NORMAL.< br >SET DEADLOCK_PRIORITY NORMAL;
    Ref: Dave Pinal (

    Fixed: Error 1205: A transaction (process id) was locked on resources with another process and was chosen as the victim of a problem. Start the transaction again.

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