Need To Get Rid Of The SAP Web Services Virtual Interface Not Found


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    Sometimes your system may display a message that the SAP Web Services virtual interface cannot be found. There can be several reasons for this problem.

    I created an ABAP Wide service based on an RFC. I have greatly improved SOAMANAGER username/password based authentication. WSNAVIGATOR Various web providers (portal) have also been tested that generate WSDL URLs. The web service result returned successfully.

    sap web services virtual interface not found

    My family and I now have an AJAX client where I just hard-coded a query (from wsnavigator) trying to call this web product in a SAP BW web layout (from HTML/JavaScript). But it doesn’t give you an error like “Virtual interface not found”. Also, I’m getting a 500 error. But someone’s web expert endpoint, when searching from there, gives a response from the web browser. The SICF service is enthusiastic and gives legitimate test answers.

    But I can’t find Pengaturan to enable virtual interface in SE80. ALSO we’ve created a lot of these web services and they worked well before upgrading to Ehp1 SP05 (BI), but the newly discovered web service is no fun.


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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click on the "Scan" button
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to fix your computer

  • When I use my web service via ABAP package I get the following error message:

    sap web services virtual interface not found

    However, there is no corresponding entry for the method in the vepfunction table:

    However, there is an entry in the VEPFUNCTION table for the function /CRMOST/PROD_WS_READ with the intended name /crmost/prodWsRead.

    Prod_WS web service. Details can be found in this


    I received an email today from one of my co-workers at my client who has a very good question. This worker that was created had an ABAP function to return SAP data. Then he realized that this is a full service. Due to the functional style change, he had to change the functional interface. After making all his changes and testing the ABAP code, he was surprised to learn that his web service still retained the old role interface. He tried to remove and recreate the web service in question but ran into problems. Stuck in one crash and needed a little motivation in the right direction.

    My colleague David Park wrote a two-part blog in which he explains Here’s how to turn any ABAP project into a web service. (Here’s part 1. Here’s part 3.) But what if you change the function module’s interface, as a few other friends did in the example above? โ€ข SAP does not perform an automatic virtual upgrade of a particular web service interface (referred to as most interfaces). You must resolve this conflict manually. โ € There are two ways to do this. Both are actually quite simple. The option you purchase depends on the distance to networks using the web service.

    Option 1: Update The Virtual Interface

    In cases where all systems using a large web service will use a completely new function/web service interface, where the underlying data structure of a complex nature will be adapted, or where required fields of the actual function will be added or removed, it is better to change the virtual globe service interface. The consuming application might just want to import the WSDL back into

    In transaction SE80, access to any virtual interface for a function where otherThe interface has changed. Right-click when the virtual interface is displayed and select Edit.

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    Sap Web Services Interfaccia Virtuale Non Trovata
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