How To Put The Volume Icon In The Troubleshooter On The Taskbar


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    Sometimes your computer may display an error code about how to place the volume icon on the taskbar. There can be several reasons for this problem. Right-click on an empty space that is part of the taskbar and select Taskbar Modules. In the next window, scroll down and tap on the “Choose the views that appear on the taskbar” option. Locate the volume icon setting and press the button.

    The Windows 10 taskbar contains default icons that are often used to control and adjust network/wireless connection, battery, and volume. This icon system makes it easy or simple to configure your device settings without having to open our Control Panel from Windows Explorer.

    The slight inconvenience of navigating through the various settings on your computer can actually be quite inconvenient when you need to – do it on a recurring schedule. Luckily, you won’t have to put up with this issue for an extended period of time as there are usually a number of known fixes. We’ll cover many of these great step-by-step methods in this article.

    However, some users have documentedWe have found that the missing volume icon does occur from time to time, and this problem manifests itself in various forms. In some cases, the volume icon turns gray or doesn’t work properly, and in other cases, it disappears completely.

    how to put the volume icon on the taskbar

    There are other ways to change the volume on your device, such as using the control panel, but this taskbar is the most convenient. This article will look at many ways to restore sound if it is missing from your favorite taskbar. We recommend using the order below to troubleshoot your device. In some cases, you should be able to fix it yourself quickly but also effectively. Follow the methods below to bring the volume home!

    1. Check if the volume icon is on.
    2. Change text size
    3. Sign out and sign back in to Windows 10
    4. Restart Explorer
    5. Update the driver

    Each of these methods has been tested by users. Are these just simple solutions to consider at home?

    Spoevent 1. Check Where The Volume Icon Is On


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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click on the "Scan" button
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions to fix your computer

  • If there is no new volume icon on the taskbar, the first thing to do is to make sure that it is present in Windows. The missing volume control can be disabled in Windows, so restoring the personal taskbar icon is as easy as re-enabling it in the lamp settings.

    1. Go to the Settings menu, say the Start menu, or right-click on an empty space on the taskbar.
    2. From the taskbar menu below the notification area, click the Turn product on or off icon.
    3. A new panel display will appear, which you must definitely activate and deactivate with various system icons. Make sure the volume control is normally turned on.
    4. Restart Windows and check if the sound icon is visible on the back of the taskbar.

    Method 2 – Change Text Size

    If method 1 requires a fortune to restore the volume of your final taskbar, changing the text size is definitely the next attempt to solve the problem. This method also changes Saves your device’s display settings, as the missing icon in some episodes may be caused by a display issue.

    1. Go to “Settings” in the Start menu or right-click on an empty area of ​​the taskbar.
    2. In the Display Settings section, change the text size to 125% and also click the Apply button.
    3. After completing step 2, reset the text engine to 100% and click the Apply button again.
    4. Close the window and the sound icon to permanently restore the taskbar.

    Method 3: Sign Out And Sign Back In To Windows 10

    If after the above two methods you still find that your volume icon is obscure, try an additional attempt to sign in and out of Windows 10. Some users have reported to us that this simple solution worked to create them and it usually only takes one try. key step. Just log out and back in Windows 10 and the volume icon should reappear on your screen.4

    The Way Is To Restart Explorer/explorer.exe

    how to put the volume icon on the taskbar

    Another way to get someone back For the volume icon on the taskbar, restart Windows Explorer using Task Manager. Users have reported financial freedom using this method due to the Windows 10 icon missing issue. In some cases, there may be an issue with File Explorer that can be identified as the cause of the issue.

    1. Press Ctrl + Esc Progress to launch Task Manager.
    2. Go to the Details tab, find the explorer.exe file and right-click it. Select End Task from the available options.
    3. Press the Windows key + R and type explorer. Press Enter and even press OK to continue.
    4. Windows Explorer may restart and the volume icon should reappear on the taskbar.

    Easy Way: Update Your Driver

    The missing volume icon on the Windows 10 taskbar may be related to this hardware issue. This is especially possible if your volume is greyed out instead of completely missing. If the problem is really related to the sound of your device, you should definitely update the driver for each audio When you’re done, reboot and Windows will check to see if the volume icon is back on that taskbar.

    1. Press Windows Key + X and select Device Manager from this list. device
    2. Once the manager is open, usually select “Sound, video and game controllers”, right-click on your audio device and select “Update driver”.
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