You Need To Get Rid Of How To Block A Website Using The Hosts File In Windows 7.


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    Over the past few days, some of our users have received an error about blocking a website using the hosts file in Windows 7. This problem can occur for several reasons. Let’s look at them now.

    Why would you probably want to know how to let them block websites? Maybe you need some time to keep your kids safe online? Maybe you want to turn off distracting websites so you don’t procrastinate? It can also be used to block tracking websites with embedded ads.

    Whatever your reason, in Windows 10 you canone hundred block websites using the so-called corporate file.

    The following text might be a bit technical, especially if someone has never delved into the inner workings of a Windows computer. If you want a quick overview, first watch someone’s short and easy to understand YouTube video.

    What Is The Hosts File?

    How do I block websites with hosts file?

    To block access to a website, you can add a line to either end of the hosts file.The options before the URL are always .To prevent access to the website, you will probably need to add a line for yourself at the end of the host information.The numbers before the actual URL are always .

    How do I block a website on Windows 7?

    open browser and select Tools (alt+x) > Internet Options. Now go to the Security tab and in this case, click on the red restricted sites tattoo. Click the “Sites” button under the main icon.Now in the pop-up window, manually enter the websites you want to influence one by one. Click “Add” after entering your name for each site.

    Have you heard of DNS (Domain Name System)? It is a file system provided on the Internet that helps translate domain names such as into their actual Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, displayed as This will really help your computer know who to talk to when you want to visit this site.

    How do I block a program in firewall with host file?

    Open the Start menu and work with Windows accessories.Right-click the Notepad application and select Advanced – Run as administrator.In the editor, click on the Files – Open area or press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O.Navigate to the C:WindowsSystem32driversetc directory.

    Before the advent of DNS in 1984, this involved creating a local file called the hosts file on someone’s computer. At the time, computers weren’t designed to connect many other computers. We connected no more than a dozen pens. This information was easy to store entirely in the old text file. The host file expires today.

    How Does The Hosts File Work?

    The hosts file allows people to search for other computer headers such as localhost or domain names or and the corresponding IP number is next to the list in the file. A is the minimum value, just like your friends’ names are usually associated with their phone numbers on your phone. You do not need it if you want to remember or enter the amount, the name of the found person is enough.

    How do you block IP address in hosts file?

    You can’t block internet addresses via hosts file, real domain permissions! If you want to go back to ips forwarding to localhost you need to create proxy rules, but if you just want to block traffic with ips I would use that. at this point from the administrative command line behavior block.

    Before moving on, it’s important to understand that some IP addresses are available for local use. That is, where they can only be used to tag computers and kits on your immediate network. This usually happens before connecting the connection to the Internet.

    For example, the Internet Protocol address always means the technology you are working on, also known as localhost. Try typing this in your big browser. This will most likely bring a blank page to the top level.

    Also understand what and are not. For both to take us to the same website, both must resolve to almost the same andthe same IP address.

    Block Sites With Hosts File

    1. Open Notepad as an administrator.
    1. Click File > Open.
    1. In the Market, go to C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc.
    1. Here, change the file write operation from Body Body (*.txt) to All Files (*.*).
    1. Now you can place the file. Open.
    1. On the last line, navigate to the desired page and add your own group. Suppose we have blocked Facebook.

    how to block site using host file in windows 7

    Enter localhost IP address Click on the “All” tab and enter Press Enter to move to the next line. Create a second course as above, but use instead of

    Site Blocked?

    Open a command and type ping at the command prompt, then run ping You should see that the IP it is trying to ping is just

    Now connect to the Internet and go to You can still charge it! Why? Facebook’s real IP address may still be in the visitor’s cache, and the browser will start using that IP address first. Clear your browser cache and try Facebook again. You should now see the overview page.

    I Don’t Want To See A Long Error Page

    You can try redirecting the active site to a different IP address, which doesn’t work these days. File editing by malicious hosts was once a common attack by cyberterrorists. Now browsers on the Internet carefully look for certificates to prevent this from happening. But you can always try.


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  • Another way to not just see an error page is to install and configure some kind of web server on your computer and get a hosts file point on it. Maybe he’s browsing a web page that says “Get back to work!” or list some of your ambitions as a motivation for staying away from the Internet 2 . 0 media.

    What Else Can I Do With The Hosts File?

    how to block site using host file in windows 7

    You can use almost the same method, but insert other types of malware URLs and watch for ad pages. There is this prA predefined hosts file with malware and ad pages that you can copy and paste into your hosts file. At the time of this writing, it has been updated in March 2020.

    How do I block unwanted websites on my Network?

    Where unknown.domain is the domain to be blocked. So, what exactly needs to be done with the hosts file: 1. Open a specific hosts file with two administrative privileges. Add all the inputs someone needs to block specific websites you want to block. Save the hosts file. 4. Make the hosts file read-only. There is another problem that may rear its ugly head.

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