Delco Alternator Troubleshooting Tips


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    You may encounter an error while troubleshooting the delco generator. Well, there are a number of steps you can take to fix this issue and we will get back to that shortly.

    Squeaking under the hood… Bulbs, headlights that are on often or weakly … Features of the voltmeter out of range – either too high, or also below average.

    These are general indications that a particular method may not be suitable for a complex system. If any of these signs or symptoms are obvious, follow these 4 steps to identify the problem:

    1. Perform a visual health check under the hood. Check the tension and condition of the feed belt. Next, check the electrical connections and wiring for corrosion and leaks. Finally, frequently check that the generator is installed correctly.
    2. Visually inspect and test the batteries. Inspect the batteries for signs of physical damage, cracked cases, loose connections, or fluid leakage. Clean, repair connector and replace many damaged batteriesrhea. Make sure the experts state that all batteries used in the exact circuit have the manufacturer, type and age of the regular CCA rating. Then test your batteries with the industry standard battery test. Remember that in addition to working properly, a realistic vehicle needs a fully charged battery capable of handling the current needs of the launch system.
    3. Measure the voltage in the system. With the system running, use a voltmeter to equalize the battery voltage. If the voltage is greater than or equal to 13.8V, you can proceed to step 4. However, if the problem is less than 13.8V, you must measure the voltage at the B+ alternator and alternator frame. (Note: if your model is isolated, you must use the ground stud when reading a.) At this point, especially if the voltage drops between 12.6 and 13.7 volts, you need to remove the alternator. If it is greater than or equal to 13.8 volts, a good voltage drop test should be done. (Watch the video on our page)See YouTube for how to do a current drop test.)
    4. Check generator output. You have the option of using an automatic tester or a perfect manual process to determine the result of an alternator. If the alternator fails this test, it must be replaced.
    5. Troubleshooting with the Active Service Guide. If you followed the first four steps, the alternator at the time could be described as operating as expected, and your kickback was likely caused by something external to the alternator.

    Recovery Supplement
    Visit the technical support page at to download the troubleshooting addon, which includes the described steps, as well as battery test, battery charge quality, and alternator charge test.

    For Delco-Remy 10Si and 15Si series generators, type 116 and 136

    Figure 5 – Teend frame hole

    Repair Guide – Troubleshooting Procedures
    How To Troubleshoot 10Si And Even 15Si Type 116 And 136 Generators

    How do you test and troubleshoot an alternator?

    Do a visual inspection under the actual hood. Look at the effort and state of lamki.Visually inspect and test the batteries.Measure the voltage in the system.Check generator output.Troubleshooting using the instructions on the site.

    How do I troubleshoot the charging system of my alternator?

    Either of the two tips can be used to troubleshoot any charging system. One method uses the Model J-26290 Alternator Tester. Another remedy follows: do not polarize the human alternator.

    Strict adherence to the following recovery guide in the order presented will result in the fastest possible detection and correction of errors in the accounting system. You only need to complete part a of these procedures. It will never be necessary to provide all the procedures to detect a problem.

    How do I troubleshoot my alternator not charging?

    Diagnosing a faulty alternator that is not charging Check your current large power wire to some sort of alternator and fuse, usually a large 40-60 amp fuse next to the electric battery. Check ground wire between specific engine and body. Check most of the serpentine belt and make sure the alternator turns with the engine.

    You can use one of four methods to troubleshoot your charging system. One method is the Model J-26290 Alternator Tester. Another method follows:

  • Do not polarize the generator.
  • Under no circumstances short or ground terminals of any type in a customer circuit, except as expressly recommended here.
  • Never turn on the generator with an inactive healing terminal.
  • Make sure the alternator and battery are of the same polarity.
  • If you are connecting a charger or an additional batteryThe battery to the car battery, make sure that the minus part to the minus, and the plus part to the plus.
  • delco alternator troubleshooting

    Note. In some circuits, a new large ammeter or voltmeter can be used in place of the indicator light. In the following case, section “A”, regarding the natural operation of the indicator light, the troubleshooting procedure should be skipped.

    delco alternator troubleshooting

    Problems throughout the charging system arise from one or more of the following conditions:

    1. Display malfunction indicator.
    2. Abnormal whole body work.

    A. Abnormal LED behavior

    How do you test a Delco voltage regulator?

    Have your assistant increase the engine speed slowly. The multimeter should show a valid increase in voltage and then cool down to about 7.8 or 8 volts. In this case, the controller also works correctly. If the voltage continues to rise above the existing mark of 8.2, the regulator is faulty.

    Make sure the indicator is working properly by one person as shown below.

    switch lamp Engine

    disabled disabled suspended enabled enabled suspended enabled disabled working

    If the indicator is working properly, go to “Abnormal System Behavior”charging.” Otherwise, proceed with exactly one of the three abnormal conditions.

    1. Light off, on — in this case, disconnect this connector from terminals #a and #2 of the generator. If the lamp stays on, there is a short between two of these wires. If the indicator goes out, replace the rectifier bridge as directed in the Alternator Repair section. This will result in insufficient battery power.

    2. On, lamp off, engine off – This may be caused by the deficiencies listed above in Part 1, or by a broken signal. To determine where the hole is, do the following:



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